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Trace & Create Easy Wood Project Drawings

Designing something impressive out of wood needs a complete crafting plan. These christmas wood projects are to scale, so the plan is to customize, create, and then ship them to us. Simply trace the outline of the christmas wood projects onto the wood, then cut and create! Buy thick template board and adjust your wood crafts cuts for uniqueness and style. Hang them like stockings in your new woodworking shop, all while keeping them in a dry level place.

Your plans include a complete list of materials and instructions that clearly explain every portion of your christmas wood projects. Common power tools, hand tools, and supplies for these projects are: jigsaw, sander, nailer, glue, stain and paints, hardware, 1/2 inch woods that are great for indoor, and more durable types of plywoods for outdoor decorating. Americana decorating of your projects in paints of early American colors is very enjoyable reflecting your theme.

Shop Mr. V’s Beginner Line of Trace &
Create, Same-size Outlined Blueprint Drawings.


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The mission is simple, to fill the needs of every artisan and craftsperson’s craft supply for woodworkers workshop. Us Craft Company’s talented team designed this guide of the best products to help meet the requirements of your particular craft. Think of Us as your warm and friendly online resource guide for craft supply for woodworkers and the array of crafting industries. We wish to extend a little southern hospitality by inviting you to create an account with our Directory! Each member of the Crafters Directory takes great pride in their business and understands the commitment to customer service. We have confidence that you will enjoy the wood projects we sell as they have started may craft workshops in the US.

Carpentry Hand Tools

Shop the finest basic carpentry tools – Big savings on new band saws, routers, and Bosch palm grip sanders for your next woodworking project.

Basic Workshop Tools

Shop the top 20 carpentry hand tools like FlexCut and Stanley at affordable prices. Search saws, planes, chisels, and other woodworking supplies.

Sanding Supply

Abrasives for woodworking: US Craft Company is well known name in woodturning abrasives, sanding & sandpaper suppliers in US.

Carpenters Adhesives

Find crafters wood adhesives, tapes, workshop glue bottles and accessories. Shop various glue guns and wood fillers for your next woodworking adhesives project.

Refurbishing Supply

Buy stains for refurbishing old kitchen cabinets that are long-lasting. Shop waxes, glazes, 20 Pk brushes and stripping pads and improvement project tools.

Woodworking Woods

Buy the best wood boards for crafts – Shop ash, baltic birch, basswood and cherry woods. High-quality craft project wood at Us Craft Company.

Crafters Directory

Us Craft Company welcomes your crafts, hobby or woodworking business into our Alabama Craft Companies’ listings directory. We started in the 1980’s bringing newly-constructed crafts to the historic pond area in Miller Place. This was the location of Mount Sinai Congregational Churches Pastor Ron Patternson’s white house. A short time after those craft fairs, I began working for our neighbor folding and shipping woodworking project patterns – LED/WRCN. Since my focus was creative design, this company has all you could ever want creating unique products. We are pleased to mention that our database of crafting tools will be back up later this year.

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