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Garden Projects

Full-size, Trace & Create Drawings

The Wheelbarrow Planter for your neighbors garden across town can display their finest flowers and plantings in a secure growing environment. Let the garden grow and the gardens lighting shine around this uniquely yours Wheelbarrow Planter. Trace and create, same-size pattern project drawings with detailed instructions and parts list.

Portable Workbench Gain some additional useable shelf space with this one of a kind bench. This portable workbench woodworking project is perfect for spreading cheer in your home, on your lawn, porch or anywhere! Simply trace the outline of the project onto the wood and cut out with a jigsaw.

Flower Girl spins in the garden when it’s windy out pointing into the wind. Paint and protective varnish with Americana royal blue, candy apple red, and eggshell white. Customize your drawings with subtle tweaks here and there making it uniquely yours. Produce as many as you can giving way to the dawn of your new weekend woodworking crafts business.

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