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Top Hand Tools for Craftsmen at Us Craft Company

At Us Craft Company, we believe that a skilled craftsman is only as good as the tools they have at their disposal. You need to have the best rated crafting hand tools in your workshop to ensure each job you undertake is executed with skill and precision. Of course, the tools you need depend a lot on your interests, experience, and specialty. However, there are also basic hand tools any workshop will surely needs. Every craftsman, carpenter, or builder needs a tool for taking accurate measurements. Examples of basic measuring instruments include measuring tapes, long tapes, speed squares, levels, and rulers.

Cutting Tools
Crafting, carpentry, and build work involve cutting tasks for different materials. Saws, utility knives, and scissors are some of the more common cutting tools.

A must for every toolbox and workshop, these versatile tools come in different sizes and can be used for working on furniture and fixtures, electronics, electrical components, air filters, etc.

There are different varieties and weights of hammers intended for specific uses, although their primary purposes include driving nails or tacks into wood, crushing rock, and shaping metal. Specialized types include dead-blow hammers that don’t bounce against the material they hit and rubber mallets that don’t mar the surface of wood.

Whether corded or cordless, drills are essential tools in any workshop. With the correct screws, fasteners, and pilot hole settings, you can use them to drill into brick, concrete, cement, and other types of masonry. You can also fit them with a screwdriver attachment to easily and accurately drive screws into wood.

Wrenches lend themselves more to work involving automobiles and other mechanical workshops. They are used for securely fastening joints, which include nuts and bolts.

Pliers are handy hand tools for holding or gripping objects, cutting, splicing wires, and bending and compressing different materials.

Chisels have a defined cutting edge of blade attached to one end. These are used for manually cutting or carving hard materials like wood, stone, or metal. A chisel needs to be struck with a mallet or utilize mechanical power to perform its function.

Make your work easier by shopping for the best value hand tools on the Us Craft Company hand tools store online. Other crafting hand tools include rasps, files, wood planes, and sanding blocks.

WorkPro Cordless Drill

204 Workshop Tool Kit

72 piece mechanics tool set arrives in a durable black case for exceptional workshop storage and display.

WorkPro Cordless Drill

184 Black DeWalt Tool Kit

Durable tool case for project mobility. 72 ratchet attachments with corrosion-resistant finish.

WorkPro Cordless Drill

57 Piece Home Tool Kit

Craftsman pliers, slip & groove joint, & sockets for home projects. Fiberglass hammer is lightweight.


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