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Providing the easy wood projects and tool supplies on your woodworking list. Browse through project drawings that are same-size, trace and create beginner carpentry projects by Design Group Patterns. Our talented team diligently listed the best wood tools 2019 to help meet your easy wood projects goals. The Us Craft Company Our craft store listings are for craft companies, hobbyists, sculptors, woodworkers, and artists. Search the new crafters directory featuring America’s finest craft companies.

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CNC Shark HD4 with 2HP Water-Cooled Spindle

The extended base Shark offers a whopping 50” of Y-axis capacity, the largest of any Shark to date. Thanks to upgraded electronics, a color touch-screen pendant controller and additional expansion ports, it has becomes more versatile and easy-to-use than ever. The Shark HD4, like past models, includes virtual zero software, which maps the surface of your woodworking projects for maximum accuracy. It features a gantry reinforced with heavy plate aluminum, adjustable bearings, and anti-backlash, wear-compensated lead screws on all three axes, allowing it to handle larger routers such as the Porter Cable 890 series, Bosch 1617 series and production quality water-cooled spindles.

Perfect for carving and machining a large variety of small wood projects made from wood, soft metals or plastics. Simply supply a PC computer with USB 2.0 port and any of the routers listed below, connect the USB cable to the controller box and load the software. Includes VCarve Pro 8.5 Design software, Vector Art 3D Sampler Pack, and CNC Shark control software.

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Bosch 5” Palm Grip Random Orbit Sander

This handy woodworking craft tool is an excellent device for all types of sanding wood projects around the house. Sand your deck fast and comfortably without the hassle of a bulky and heavy machine. You can even sand all types of wood items and furniture inside your house without filling the air with dust. Make old furniture new again by sanding it bare then adding a coat of varnish. This light-weight ergonomic design, makes sanding much easier to handle. When you need a smooth finish, the Bosch 5 inch Palm-Grip Random Orbit Sander is the best machine for woodworking projects craft tools. Not only does the Bosch 5 Inch Palm Grip Sander work with furniture pieces and outside wood, but you can even hand-finish a hall or small area of wood floor with it.

Using the right sandpaper pads, you can make your hallway as smooth and shiny as if it were new. The easy to hold design of the sander makes it easy to work on the floor, helping you turn an otherwise big job into a do-it-yourself weekend small wood projects. The technical specs for the Bosch 5 Inch Palm Grip Sander include a 120-volt, 60 Hz, 2.2 amp motor. The orbit diameter is 3/32 inches with a pad diameter of 5 inches; the orbits per minute are 12000. The sander weighs 3.89 pounds and comes with a plug-in power cord.

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Woodworking Power Tools

Power Tools

All the best wood tools for your next project. Display your tools in your garage workshop so weekend projects happen.

Woodworking Sanders


Choose Bosch, Jet, Dewalt, Makita, Porter Cable for your next sander. Find all the sandpapers and accessories at low prices.

Woodworking Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Ergonomic hand tools for serious weekend woodworkers. Select from the best handsaws, planes and tape measures.

Woodworking Finishing Supply


Shop Behr wood stain, gray concrete floor paint, 1 qt. stripper, paint thinner 4 pack and 2 in. flat chip brush set, 15 pack.

Woodworking Wood Glues


Find Adtech industrial glue gun and sticks, gorilla glues and super glues. Shop carpet and vinyl adhesives and Loctitie, 6 Pack.

Woodworking Plywood


Browse mahogany, maple, columbia forest plywood, peg board and 1 in. x 4 in. x 3.25 ft. Pine, 7 pack wood project lumber.


Whale Plaque

The Hamptons New York whale plaque is for hanging on a shed, or on the pool house closest to the gorgeously lit pool.


Angel With Heart

Buy our first exclusive project for Christmas display this Holiday season. The wood craft is handmade and tan.


Golfball Display

The red maple is perfect for displaying your gems in the den. Arrives with 20 new Titleist Pro V1s with black center line.


Adirondack Chair

Comfortable and sturdy, this hollowed beer coaster rendition of the Adirondack Chair is perfect for Lake Norman Nascar seating.


Bird Barn

The bird barn is large and can fit a lot of feathery friends for movie night and SNL. Create a unique entertaining space.


Patio Cart

This is perfect for creating your own unique version simply using the drawings as a guide. Start a crafting business today!


Backyard Chair Project

Easy backyard chair beginner carpentry project that is comfortable and sturdy. Each backyard chair craft project arrives with a list of all the materials and instructions which clearly explains each portion of the backyard chair us crafts project.

The $1.95 backyard chair craft project plans are perfect for spreading cheer in your home, on your lawn, porch or anywhere! Simply trace the outline onto the wood and cut out with a saw.