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Toy Projects

Full-size, Trace & Create Drawings

Simply trace the outline of the Woodcraft Toy Plans onto the wood and cut out with a jigsaw. These woodworking plans come with step-by-step detailed instructions that clearly explain every portion of the woodcraft project. Design Group Patterns arrive with your local home improvement stores materials list. Create your own customized line of woodworking products for the Holidays from these classic full-size project plans.

Browse through our listing for: Elephant, Farm, Ferry Boat, Frog, Giraffe, Grasshopper, Guitar Man, Helicopter, Hippo Bird, Kangaroo, King Lion, Kitty, Monkey, Paddle Boat, Plane, Puppy Dog, Rabbit, Road Grader, Roaring Lion, Sail Boat, Squirrel, Stegosaurus, Tug Boat, Tyrannosaurus, and many other exciting and fun beginner woodworking projects. Great for senior community crafting circles, artists, kids, high school and grade school students workshops. Affordable way to improve your homes decor, easily make out of plywood, masonite, or cardboard. Our beginner wood craft projects are perfect for displaying your new talents in woodworking.

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