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Low cost crafting glues For Your Wood Tools On Display In Your Workshop

Carpenter’s or yellow glue is actually poly-vinyl acetate (PVA) glue. It is popularly used in cabinet-making and applied to provide reinforcement for small nails and staples. Most types of carpenter’s crafting glues can be sanded and stained, so it can be used without affecting the look of the finished product. It is cheaper than epoxy and considered the best glue for cardboard projects. Depending on the type or brand you use low cost crafting glues and its ingredients, carpenter’s glue can dry quickly even in humid or cold weather.

Polyurethane Glue
Polyurethane glue can bond various materials, including wood, plastics, fabrics and metals. It is actually one of the heavy-duty wood glues. Polyurethane glue bonds are strong but require water to cure and can take 24 hours to dry and create a strong bond.

White Glue
White glue is one of the most common crafting glues used on paper, leather and certain types of wood. It is pocket-friendly and dries clear, although you’ll need at least an hour for it to dry thoroughly.

Hot Glue
You’ll find hot glue in solid stick form that needs to be attached to a hot glue gun. Hot glue has a wide variety of applications and can bond paper, wood, plastics, ceramics, fabrics, Styrofoam, glass and metal. There are many kinds of hot glue crafts, such as DIY stamps, hot glue earrings, homemade pushpins and refrigerator magnets.

Whether you’ve been crafting for years or are new to it, deciding on which glue or adhesive to use basically depends on your project and the materials that need to be bonded.

Clear epoxy resin glue creates a strong adhesive bond. It sticks very hard and is waterproof, making it suitable as a wood or metal filler. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and is especially recommended for jewelry making. It also ensures you’ll get beautiful finishes for table tops, counters, woodworks, bars and other similar projects. It is resistant to heat, sunlight, staining and blemishes and does not turn yellowish.

Industrial and marine grade epoxy glue can easily bond most materials, including fiberglass, metal, aluminum and composites. Marine grade epoxy is suitable for use on boats, deck accessories, and inboard or outboard engines. Fast-drying epoxy glue instantly bonds materials. However, the hardening quality of epoxy makes it unsuitable for fabrics and flexible plastic materials.

Glue is an essential ingredient of every crafter’s project. It’s affordable and versatile because there’s a wide variety of crafting glues suitable for bonding specific materials. Common types of crafting glues include various wood glues, yellow or carpenter’s glue, polyurethane glue, white glue, and epoxy glue.

Gorilla Wood Glue

Ultimate formula is waterproof for outdoor projects where moisture and temperatures are a concern.


Titebond Workshop Glue

16 ounce premium wood glue only requires 30 minutes of clamping for a strong woodworking project.

Elmer’s Wood Glue

Husky 4 ounce carpenter’s wood glue for precision home repairs. 30 min clamping and 24 hours for bond.

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