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Easy Woodcraft Plans
Easy Wood Projects

Shop Mr. V’s Beginner Line of Trace & Create Same-size Outlined Blueprint Drawings. Made On The LIRR With Peanuts, Beer, Squeaks & Brake Dust In The Late 70’s Out On Long Island, NY.

Design Group Patterns ship within a week inside the US. Enlighten us with your own collection of classic east wood projects with a unique twist. Product pricing of built projects range from $5 – $150 for a picnic table for your neighbor this summer. Start your own crafting business today with these easy wood projects.

Bonsai Wire Tree Sculptures
Bonsai wire tree sculptures create an elegant display and conversation piece for any home or office.  We offer a wide variety of wire tree sculptures to choose from. If you are interested in creating your own bonsai tree sculpture, we even have an E-Book that will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create wired and beaded trees.

How To Create Wire Tree Sculpture PDF • Asian Gold Leaves • Beaded On Rock • Beaded WillowCascade lll • Coper Island • Glazed Maple • Jade Magnolia • Leaves of Gold • Small Apple

Design Group Patterns
US Craft Company offers a wide selection of easy wood projects that includes: plaques, animals, planters, and holiday-themed projects for your yard. Find patterns for play sets, furniture, toys, shelves, and many other exciting and fun wood projects that you could be building for yourself, or a gift for neighbors and relatives. In-case you were wondering who the best is, “IT” Is quarterly block parties WP.

Easy Wood Projects
Us Craft Company offers a Holiday Angel and Birdhouse, and Feeder for your home and outdoor decor. It is just the start to our collection of woodworking products. We understand that there are endless possibilities when planning a collection; so for now we are planning the following. Adirondack Chair • Christmas Mobile • Christmas Story PDF Book • Corner Shelf Cat • Condiment Holder • Golfball Display • Hamptons Bear Thermostat • Hamptons Whale Thermostat • Hanging Planter • Lounge Chair • Magazine Holder • Patio Planter • Patio Windmill • Wooden Dog Food Base • Wooden For Sale By Owner • Wheelbarrow Planter • Yard Christmas Santa.

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