10 Best Random Orbit Sanders For Woodworkers

10 Best Random Orbit Sanders For Woodworkers

10 Best Random Orbit Sanders For Woodworkers

w Makita Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander with Dust Bag $79.00 • Free Delivery
w 18-Volt ONE+ Belt Sander Kit with Battery, Charger and Bag $149.00 Save $50.00 25%
w Makita 1-1/8 in. x 21 in. 40-Grit Abrasive Belt (10-Pack) $20.75 Get $20 Off Your Order
w Milescraft SandDevil Sanding Bundle (3-Piece) $22.99 Save $4.98 18%
w Sandpaper (10-Pack) for Oscillating Multi Tools $3.47 • Free Delivery On $45 Order

Abrasive sanding material is made up of mineral and stones that are used to giveth final finish to an object by rubbing or scratching its surface. These sand papers vary depending upon their categorized value of sterling, bonded to coated abrasives and area of specialization. To process a workpiece into a smooth polished surface these abrasives undergo a course of hard roughening the material as in satin, matte or beaded finishes.

Bosch 1/2 Inch
Finishing Orbital



Dewalt 5 Inch
Hook and
Loop Sander


Though abrasives being the end-product might rarely be considered while planning a structure but without them, every workpiece remains incomplete and rough in appearance. We carry a wide variety of industrial, technological and household applications, where there are used to perform diverse responsibilities of grinding, buffing, polishing, cutting, drilling and sharpening of the objects. Basically, abrasives functionality depends upon the surface of the workpiece and hardness of the abrasive in use that leads to a degree of fineness in a structure.


Porter Cable
1/4 in. Sheet



Ryobi 0.4 Amp
2-7/8 in. Detail


10 Best Sanders Supply

Some common types of natural mineral stone abrasives that are used are calcite (calcium carbonate), Emery (impure corundum), diamond dust (synthetic diamonds are used extensively), novaculite, pumice, rouge, and sand. These abrasives are natural and are extracted from synthetic and mineral stones. Bonded abrasives are the component-blend in a matrix of clay, resin, glass or rubber. Their applications vary in accordance with the area of their usage in dressing and cleaning of rotatory wheels, grinding wheels, cutting wheels or scale modeling.


Bosch 2 Amp
1/4 Inch Orbital



Makita 3 Amp 5 in.
Orbital Sander with
Tool Case


Coated Abrasives is a line of finishing material that is made in forms of sheets or papers, commonly known as sandpapers, which are often used before and after a white-wash, on matchbox surface, as belt grinders and diamond tools.


Makita 1.7 Amp
10 in. 1/3 Sheet
Finishing Sander



Wood Sander


10 Best Sanders Supply Continued

Sterling abrasives are used in liquid form to polish or sterile the objects. For instance, some sort of abrasive is used in toothpaste to remove the plague on teeth. Very fine rough powder abrasives are used in grinding glass, laminate surfaces and steel wool. Shop our collection of workshop abrasives for crafters that Include: sanding pads, contoured abrasives, sanding sponges, sanding belts, as well as heavy and fine sandpapers for your craft shop. These abrasives shaped for various purposes are available in all forms to meet the end user, and are highly reliable in terms of their degree of performance.


RYOBI 18-Volt One+
Cordless 1/4 Sheet
Sander with Dust



Delta 6 in. x 89 in.
Oscillating Edge
Workshop Sander


Thus, all these fine and pleasant abrasives are likable of leaving a greater and smooth shape on objects or wall surfaces. They work scientifically, and also undergo some chemical reactions to meet all desired tasks.

Innovative Sanding Projects Abrasives Are:

• Festool Sanding Rect Sanding Pads, Sanding Pads.
• Hand Sanding Contoured Abrasives, Sanding Sponges.
• Power Tool Abrasives Sanding Belts, Specialty Abrasives.
• Specialty Abrasives Wraps, Sheets, Drums and Sandpaper.

10 Best Wood Stains And Supplies

10 Best Wood Stains And Supplies

Best Wood Stains And Supplies

w    Ergonomic Paint Roller Frame$16.67 Was $24.99 • Save $8.32 33%
w Wagner FLEXiO 3000 HVLP Paint Sprayer $149.00 • Free Delivery
w Graco Pro210ES Airless Paint Sprayer $799.00 • Free Delivery
w BEHR 1 gal. Natural Clear Waterproofing Exterior Wood Finish $33.98
w Buffalo Tools 1 qt. Industrial Paint Spray Gun $21.99 Save $3.44 14%

Get a hold of refurbishing old kitchen cabinets to nicely accent your new golden or brass hardware. Search from a number of quality finishing supplies for craftsman and woodworking professionals that includes: stripping pads and tools, finish cleaners, waxes, varnish and glazes, tack cloth as well as durable disposable wood oil-based / staining brushes.


Wooster 3 in.
Chinex Flat Brush
6 Pack



FoamPRO 6 in.
Mini Foam Roller
with Frame


Shop our selection of refurbishing old kitchen cabinets products, painter’s pyramids, tack cloth, finish strainer kits, and a paper cone strainer with medium mesh, and 10-packs. Find finishing books for craftsman that includes: a no-fuss wood finishing book, a spray finishing made simple book and dvd, and the wood finishing 101book  by Bob Flexner.


Olympic 1 gal.
Red Wood Stain
and Sealer



Varathane 1 qt.
Barn Red Wood
Stain 2 Pack


Finishing Supply Includes: Steel wool, paint removers, and citri strip paint stripper after cleaning brushes. Shop Behlen fill sticks, ef wood stain, general finishes, early American, general finishes sample pack, and pre-stain wood conditioner.

Best Wood Stains Facts

Wood finishing starts with sanding and typically using a sanding block or power sander. Once the wood surface is prepared and stained, the finish is applied. It usually consists of several coats of wax, shellac, drying oil, lacquer, varnish, or paint, and each coat is typically followed by sanding.


Fandeli 1000
Grit Sandpaper



3M 3-1/4 in. x
8-3/4 in. Drywall
Pole Sander


Finally, the surface may be polished or buffed using steel wool, pumice, rotten stone or other materials. Polishing is a finishing method, yielding a very fine glossy finish. Ammonia fuming is a traditional process for darkening and enriching the color of white oak.

Shop the best wood stains, clear finishes of wax, shellac, gel stain, lacquer, varnish, tung oil, alkyd varnish, polyurethane varnish, water-based polyurethane, danish oil, teak oil, tung oil, and  epoxy resin.


DAP Plastic 8 oz.
Woodfiller Beige
Ivory 6 Pack



PPG ProLuxe
1-gal. Wood


Refurbishing Old Kitchen Cabinets Tips

To get the outside turning In the forrest leaves browns to light greens representing the tree limes with the suns glare and shading from light wind shadows mixed in with the crape myrtle pinkish and red lavenders. The overall color of the room color is lime green for the forrest look, behind the finishings like end-tables, coffee and should be a cherry representing the trees highlights. Tiffany glass lighting shades with center motion projection creates highlights and movement through-out the room and can be reset to upper, lower, spotlight and many other angles. The cherry color represents the crape myrtle and the finishings are the highlight colors which are white and yellow and mostly greens representing leaves and trees.


BEHR DECK 1 gal.
Wood Stain



Nashua Tape
14 Day Blue
Masking Tape


Try a sea-blue pallet wall and trim coloring with deep and light sea blues. Try the Tiffany Shades having the blue colors with motion giving the room a true down-at-the-ocean feeling during sunset. The golden country field’s look represents the US’s great planes in the middle of the country.

Wood Supply For Crafters Workshops

Wood Supply For Crafters Workshops

Wood Supply For Crafters Workshops

w    6 ft. x 6 ft. Wood Fence Panel Kit$90.67 • Free Delivery
w 1 in. x 39.5 in. x 11.5 in. American Barn Wood Wall Panel $36.00 Save $9.00 20%
w LuxorWare 19.7 in. x 1 in. x 19.7 in. White PVC Fiber 3D Wall Panels $79.00
w Houseworks Unfinished Wood Quick Assembly Small Picnic Table $71.99 Save $18.00 20%
w 1 in. x 39.5 in. x 11.5 in. Whiskey Barrel Wood Wall Panel $36.00 Save $9.00 20%

Coursing a walk in the woods and extracting the fine quality wood-boards for crafts free timber and wood from roots, stems and branches of years’ old tree and shrubs is outlined here to meet the requirement of daily use furniture, antiques, and home décor for both households and offices. Fix in the porous and fibrous workshop woods in wooden crafts and work pieces. This promotion woodworking store takes pride in its workshop woods outfitting to an assortment of wooden organization and assembled items of beds, couches, tables, chairs and tools.


1/8 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft.
Project Hardboard



3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.
Maple Plywood


These exotic woods or lumber, as the name suggests, tailors an array of rich and unique woods that are rarely found and typically sourced after miningin thick dark forests or up the hills. Their exotic wood supply for crafters workshops quality and pastures are unbeatable due to their naturally-carved patterns and colors which escape using artificial furnishing.

Exotic Lumber: bocote, bolivian rosewood, bubinga, indian rosewood, mahogany, more exotic species, padouk, purpleheart, wenge, and zebrawood.


Sande Plywood
1/2 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft.



Sande Plywood
3/4 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft.


Wood Supply For Crafters Workshops Birch Plywood Facts

Our exotic wood supply for crafters workshops is naturally hauled from tropical rain forests or dense wood regions to serve a platform of all variety and lumber. Their logs are meticulously weaved into originals to create fine work pieces using sleek oak stems or shiny maple reds. Every wood holds its own special feature of smooth, hard, durable, shiny, white, red or slippery skins.


1 in. x 12 in. x 3 ft.
Red Oak Board



Dimensions White
Peg Board 3/16 in.
x 2 ft. x 4 ft.


Manufacturing to shape material, molding is a process that is used to curve the minerals, stones, cement, plaster or woods in framing them into edges and shape. Basically, this process takes place to give an ultimate finishing to any frame, corner, or picture by keeping it robust and sturdy within the lines of a framework.

Shop wood supply for crafters workshops – ash, birch plywood, basswood, birch, cedar, cherry, maple red, oak, special lumber, walnut and white oak.


1 in. x 6 in. x 4 ft.
Pine 6 Pack



1 in. x 6 in. x 4 ft.
Gray Board 6 Pack


Exotic Wood Supply Tips

Furniture bun feet, buttons/plugs, dowel rod, carved pilasters, chair rail, dimensional veneer, edge banding, finals, flexible veneer, legs, light switches, pegs, pressure sensitive veneer, spindles, and wood inlays. These are some structured objects accompany in making a full-fledged design. From small, sharp, edgy to lengthy shapes these objects help in attaining a process of meeting things on user end.


Builders Choice
1 in. x 6 in. x 6 ft.
Hickory (2)



Arborcraft 3/4 in.
Thick x 2 in. W x 78
in. T-Molding


Thus, being an object of shelving things, making crafts, troy toys, hand-fans, handicrafts and big furniture, woods have provided a better living to beings not just referred to cooking in village areas, these woods play an exotic role in bon-fires to the riches, canvasses to artists, bullock carts to farmers and woodworks to industrialists, homeowners and corporates.

10 Best Power Tools For Crafting Workshops

10 Best Power Tools For Crafting Workshops

10 Best Power Tools For Crafting Workshops

w    RYOBI 18-Volt One+ 6-Tool Combo Kit$249.00 Was $349.00 • Save $100 29%
w MILWAUKEE 18-Volt Combo Kit (6-Tool) Rolling Tool Box $499.00 Save $350.00 41%
w RIDGID Drill/Driver and Impact Driver 2-Tool Combo Kit $119.00 Save $60.00 34%
w DEWALT 12 in. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw $349.00 Save $50.00 13%
w DEWALT Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Charger and Tool Bag $179.00 Save $20.00 10%

The 10 best power tools for crafting workshops are great for the large woodworking projects for carpenters. These tools must be used in the right direction to get affective results. They must be handled with care and safety precautions. Power tools are basically categorized as stationary or portable and hand-held tools.


DeWalt 12 in.
Miter Saw with
XPS Light



DeWalt 20-Volt MAX
Brushless Compact
Drill/Driver Kit


Stationary workshop basic carpentry tools can produce objects that cannot be made in any other way. The term “machine tool” is not usually applied to stationary power tools, although such usage is occasionally heard, and in some cases, such as drill presses and bench grinders, exactly the same tool is used for both woodworking and metalworking.

The basic carpentry tools of today have obvious advantages in mobility. Both mounted and portable are tools that require a power source to operate. There are several types of portable tools based on the power source they use: electric, pneumatic, liquid fuel, hydraulic, explosive-actuated, and powder-actuated.


DeWalt 6 Gal.
Air Compressor with
Framing Nailer



DeWalt Pneumatic
18-Gauge 1/4 in.
Crown Stapler


Craftsman Power Tools Facts

Power tools are used in industry, in construction, in the garden, for housework tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and around-the-house for purposes of driving, drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, heating and more.

Best power tools for crafting can be a lifeline in the work shop and dependability is job one. US Craft Company has basic carpentry tools for carpenters such as: fein tools, jds, triton and tormek, etc, etc. When working with a new power tool reading the tool’s manual is always the first step!


Jet Jwss-18B
Scroll Saw



Makita 4 Amp 1/4
in. Fixed Base
Laminate Trimmer


Stationary Sanders: Jet bench top drum sander, supermax 19-38 drum sander, 80 grit sandpaper, 4-wraps, and a triton oscillating spindle sander.

Circular Saws For Carpenters Festool ts 55 req plunge cut saw with 55″ guide rail, dewalt hd 6-1/2″ tracksaw kit with 59″ track-track saw, and a heavy-duty 7-1/4” 184mm circular saw kit with rear pivot depth of cut adjustment and electric brake.


Ryobi 120-Volt
Bench Wood



Dewalt Lithium-Ion
Battery Charger and
Bluetooth Radio


Best Power Tools For Crafting Tips

The lathe is the oldest power tool known to the ancient Egyptians. Early industrial revolution-era factories had batteries driven by belts from overhead shafts. The prime moving power-source was a water wheel or a steam engine. Find biscuit joiners, band saws, circular, jig, miter and durable table saws, mini lathes, handheld sanders, cnc machines as well as workshop saws.


Ridgid 12-Piece
Combo Kit with
Charger and Bag



Milwaukee 21 Qt.
Sided Jobsite Lunch
Cooler, Red


Bosch 5” Palm Grip Sander – When you need a smooth finish on your projects, the Bosch 5 inch Palm-Grip Random Orbit Sander is the best tool for the job. Bosch rotary tools have ergonomic designs that fits comfortably in your hand, making any sanding job much easier to handle.

Routers: Bosch colt palm router/plunge base combo kit, dewalt dwp611 compact router, fixed base, porter cable 1-3/4 hp with d-handle, and the coving system.

Carpenter’s Glues Supply

Carpenter’s Glues Supply

Carpenter’s Glues Supply

w    AcrylPro 3-1/2 Gal. Ceramic Tile Adhesive$43.27 Buy 4 Or More $38.94
w Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue (2-Pack) $42.99 • Free Delivery With $45 Order
w Gorilla 20 g Super Glue (12-Pack) $71.64 • Free Delivery
w OmniGrip 3-1/2 Gal. Maximum Strength Adhesive $59.97 Buy 4 Or More $53.97
w 3M 17.6 oz. Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive $11.97

Adhesives may be used interchangeably: Carpenter’s Glues Supply with cement, regular glue, or paste to attach or fasten two odd or even surfaces together and form a threshold figure or structure. These adhesives are used in various binding techniques of sewing, thermal bonding and machine fastening. Adhesives may be found naturally or produced synthetically to perform a particular job of lining up the workpieces or forming structures for home, office, methodological or industrial usage. They are naturally and synthetically produced.


Franklin 8 oz.
Wood Glue
12 Pack



Super Glue 0.07 oz.
Glue Gel Case pack
of 12 cards


The adhesive may vary from drying, hot, one dimensional to multidimensional, depending upon the areas of function. This cost-effective mechanical-purpose adhesive has gained craftsmanship of items by making things simpler and more convenient. Due to their emergence and very application, they have made the complex of items possible in simple ways. Supplying from assembling of small toys to a big industrial plant, Adhesives has outgrown the boundaries of specialization.


Gorilla 8 oz.
Wood Glue
12 Pack



Super Glue
0.07 oz. Glue Gel
Six 12 Packs


Highly used in tools of technological and mechanical, these adhesives are available in an unlimited range of adhesive tapes, glue bottles and workshop gluing accessories, glue guns and wood fillers, epoxy as well as wood glue.

Carpenter’s Glues Supply Facts

Assorted carpenter’s glue, paste, cement, and sticky adhesives are meant for that much-needed hold on your heavy-duty gluing projects. Dealing with segments of hardware and wooden items, this thrift store has brought adhesives for wooden, metallic, steel, iron and glass items that are used in day-to-day household, and the office.


DEWALT Ceramic
Rapid Heat Full
Size Glue Gun



7/16 in. x 10 in. Hot
Melt Glue 94 Sticks


Fastening wooden works special wood glue adhesives are suitable which are also available in fast-setting premium crafter’s glue, gorilla wood glue, glue gun polyurethane and hot-melt adhesive. Great for molding and trim projects, wood filler and grain filler are used and are accessible in a wide collection of rot fix wood repair epoxies, stainable wood fillers, sculpt wood paste and epoxy putties.


Loctite Super
Glue Liquid
4 Pack



Super Glue
6 in. x 3 in.
Pack 12


Carpenter’s Glues Supply Tips

Workshop adhesive tape, carpenter’s glues supply, ca glue, epoxy, glue applicators, glue bottles, glue guns – injectors, are used by performing a simple task by opening the container or tube lid and pouring the suitable quantity of the glue to paste on the parts to join tattered wooden frames, fix heavy wooden boxes, antiques, bed forms, cabinetry or dressings.


5-Gal. Titebond
II Premium
Wood Glue



Sticky Jack 12
Bottles of Glue in
Display Case


Thus, these special carpenters glues supply adhesives of all forms are obtainable at justifiable prices to beat hassle of torn antiques or home furniture. They are liable of sustaining a good grip and to offer a strong supportive base to the broken objects or assembled junctions and are used in framing exclusive wooden projects and pieces of artifacts.

Grab all-embracing offer of adhesives to keep your favorite items renewed and original or to structure new frames of stools for a balcony or simple couches for outdoor lawn by using assorted glues, cement or pastes.

10 Best Hand Tools For Garage Workshops

10 Best Hand Tools For Garage Workshops

10 Best Hand Tools For Garage Workshops

w    RYOBI 8-Volt ONE+ Li-Ion 3-Tool Kit • $199.00 Was $259.00 • Save $60.00 23%
w GearWrench 1/4 in. & 3/8 in. Mechanics Tools 143 Piece $75.11 Save $175.26 70%
w Husky Mechanics Tool Set (185-Piece) $119.00 Save $30.00 20%
w Husky 3/8 in. Drive 12-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Ratchet $79.00 Save $20.00 20%
w DEWALT 25 ft. x 1-1/8 in. Tape Measure $12.97 Save $2.00 13%

The craftsman needs quality carpentry hand tools and various tools for his wood projects. Out of them some are manual tools like a hammer. Though this is a piece of hard iron molded to specific shape, it is one of the most important carpentry hand tools for the woodworker. Similarly, there are wood chisels, drill machine and a number of other durable carpentry hand tools which a woodworker uses to transform a raw piece of wood into something beautiful and useful.


Klein Tools (7)
Screwdriver Set
Cushion Grips



35 ft. x 1-1/4 in.
Tape Measure


Carpentry hand tools are certainly not just for men. Some quality carpentry hand tools have great use in your home regardless of who you are, or how good you are at repairing things. The best carpentry hand tools brands like: Flexcut and Stanley can be used at home for making small repairs, or shaping a piece of wood the old fashioned way with a Stanley sweetheart block plane. The various carpentry hand tools that you may want to use in your home may depend on your needs. You may be compelled to buy them as the need arises, or you could get a complete kit made for home use.


General Tools
10 in. LED



Stanley 9-3/4 in.
Bailey Bench


Craftsman Hand Tools Facts

Categorized as: wrenches, pliers, cutters, striking tools, struck or hammered tools, screwdrivers, vises, clamps, snips, saws, drills and knives, chisels and drawer knives, palm carving chisels, planes and scrapers, durable carving knives, and palm knife sets. It is important to remember workshop safety when working with hand tools. Try to remember the specific safety precautions when working with your tools.


DEWALT 15 in.



KNIPEX 6-1/4 in.
Long Nose Pliers
with Comfort Grip


History: Hand tools have been used by humans since the Stone Age when stones were used for hammering and cutting. During the Bronze Age, tools were made by casting the copper and tin alloys that the period is named after in clay molds. Bronze tools were sharper and harder than those made of stone. During the Iron Age iron replaced bronze, and tools became even stronger and more durable. Present day ergonomic hand tools have been replaced by precision hand power tools – making the job much more efficient.


Husky Pliers
and Wrench
Set 3 Piece



Swanson 16 in,
Square Stainless
Steel Blade


Carpentry Hand Tools Tips

The woodworkers work with dozuki dovetail saw, coping saws and blades, fastcap flexible flush cut saw, and Japanese mini dozuki panel saws and many others in various hand tool categories. These durable carpentry hand tools craft gorgeous products out of the woods with ease. Not only do these hand tools prove to be an advantage to only craftsmen, but they are an asset for the layman too.


Stanley Quick



Estwing 12 oz.
Claw Hammer with
Leather Grip


In the 17, 18, and 19 hundreds carpenters used these hand tools to create some of the most wonderful decorative pieces for the buildings of yesteryear. Relax with a fine woodcarving book this summer so you can perfect your craft. Shop Woodcarving Noah’s Ark book, relief carving book, Chip Carver’s book, and the Beginners woodcarving book this summer, 2018. Read and dream about your next fun project!

Craft Supply For Woodworkers Workshops

Craft Supply For Woodworkers Workshops

Craft Supply For Woodworkers

Trace & Create Easy Wood Project Drawings

Designing something impressive out of wood needs a complete crafting plan. These christmas wood projects are to scale, so the plan is to customize, create, and then ship them to us. Simply trace the outline of the christmas wood projects onto the wood, then cut and create! Buy thick template board and adjust your wood crafts cuts for uniqueness and style. Hang them like stockings in your new woodworking shop, all while keeping them in a dry level place.

Your plans include a complete list of materials and instructions that clearly explain every portion of your christmas wood projects. Common power tools, hand tools, and supplies for these projects are: jigsaw, sander, nailer, glue, stain and paints, hardware, 1/2 inch woods that are great for indoor, and more durable types of plywoods for outdoor decorating. Americana decorating of your projects in paints of early American colors is very enjoyable reflecting your theme.

Shop Mr. V’s Beginner Line of Trace &
Create, Same-size Outlined Blueprint Drawings.





Children’s Room




US Exclusives














About US

The mission is simple, to fill the needs of every artisan and craftsperson’s craft supply for woodworkers workshop. Us Craft Company’s talented team designed this guide of the best products to help meet the requirements of your particular craft. Think of Us as your warm and friendly online resource guide for craft supply for woodworkers and the array of crafting industries. We wish to extend a little southern hospitality by inviting you to create an account with our Directory! Each member of the Crafters Directory takes great pride in their business and understands the commitment to customer service. We have confidence that you will enjoy the wood projects we sell as they have started may craft workshops in the US.


Carpentry Hand Tools

Shop the finest basic carpentry tools – Big savings on new band saws, routers, and Bosch palm grip sanders for your next woodworking project.



Basic Workshop Tools

Shop the top 20 carpentry hand tools like FlexCut and Stanley at affordable prices. Search saws, planes, chisels, and other woodworking supplies.



Sanding Supply

Abrasives for woodworking: US Craft Company is well known name in woodturning abrasives, sanding & sandpaper suppliers in US.



Carpenters Adhesives

Find crafters wood adhesives, tapes, workshop glue bottles and accessories. Shop various glue guns and wood fillers for your next woodworking adhesives project.



Refurbishing Supply

Buy stains for refurbishing old kitchen cabinets that are long-lasting. Shop waxes, glazes, 20 Pk brushes and stripping pads and improvement project tools.



Woodworking Woods

Buy the best wood boards for crafts – Shop ash, baltic birch, basswood and cherry woods. High-quality craft project wood at Us Craft Company.


Crafters Directory

Us Craft Company welcomes your crafts, hobby or woodworking business into our Alabama Craft Companies’ listings directory. We started in the 1980’s bringing newly-constructed crafts to the historic pond area in Miller Place. This was the location of Mount Sinai Congregational Churches Pastor Ron Patternson’s white house. A short time after those craft fairs, I began working for our neighbor folding and shipping woodworking project patterns – LED/WRCN. Since my focus was creative design, this company has all you could ever want creating unique products. We are pleased to mention that our database of crafting tools will be back up later this year.


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Five Ideas For Summer Woodworking Projects

Five Ideas For Summer Woodworking Projects

Indulging Your Creative Side This Summer

It’s that time of year again; summer is long gone and autumn is rapidly turning itself into a chilly winter. It’s time to retreat to a cozy place, batten down the hatches, and get to work on your next project.

Ok, so this might only be true for those of us north of the Mason-Dixon Line. If you are a resident of Southern California, or it is Miami Beach that you call home, your experience of summer might be a little different to that of someone from Colorado, but a warm summer is no excuse to slack on your woodworking projects! Wherever you find yourself in the U.S., it is time to take up the tools and get creative.

So, you’re all set up at your workbench, the electric lathe is plugged in and you’ve just put a new blade on your hacksaw; now what? What is going to be your first winter woodwork project? Woodworking is all about letting that initial spark of inspiration take root, so take a look at our five ideas for winter woodwork projects. Get inspired and get to work!

Desk Organizer

Who decided that cabinets should be confined to kitchens and bathrooms? Every room in the home has a whole range of stuff that needs to be neatly packed away, and can you think of a better way to keep things neat and tidy than in a cabinet? We certainly can’t.

By all means, think of all the additional storage space you will have as you create precise angles with your miter saw, think of all the extra tools and treats you will have room for as you use your handheld planer to create the perfect finish, but please, for the sake of health and safety, try to keep your mind on the job at hand!

Once complete, your festive garage cabinet serves an important purpose; it acts as a handy hint for your family and friends that they need to get you more power tools for Christmas!

Bird Barn

It’s easy to forget about our feathered friends when the holiday spirit kicks in, but for neighborhood birds, a tough winter can be devastating. It’s always nice to feel that your woodwork project is making a difference, so why not set about designing a birdhouse to help these little creatures through the winter months.

Garden birds aren’t so different from us; feed them and they will love you! You will be amazed by how many of these cute companions you will attract to your garden simply by constructing a feeding tray and leaving out some food for them to nibble on.

Once your birdhouse project is complete, it is time to sit back and watch your creation do its thing, safe in the knowledge that you have done some good work for nature. If you want to take up birdwatching for a little while, be our guest, but don’t let it delay your next project by too long!

Cook Book Shelf

One of the best things about woodwork and crafts is books. The internet is great for getting tips, inspiration and for buying tools to help you develop your passion, but can there really be any substitute for settling into a comfy chair with a good, old-fashioned hardback craft book?

We don’t think so. But books need storage space, so building a bookcase is an ideal woodwork project for the holidays, particularly if you are hoping to get some extra craft and woodwork books for Christmas.

You can think of this project of your way of giving something back to the books from which you have learned so much. As you mark out the lengths of wood on your workbench, ready for the table saw, think about how the techniques you picked up from a book are now being put into practice, and making a home for more books. The process has come full circle; doesn’t that make you feel all warm inside?

Patio Cart

Once upon a time, every household had its own Thanksgiving garden bench. Every year, after the turkey had been gobbled up and everyone was feeling a bit woozy from too much food and good cheer, the whole family would gather around the Thanksgiving garden bench and discuss wholesome things. You won’t find any reference to this in history books, or on the internet, or anywhere for that matter, but take our word for it; it’s true.

Now’s the time to bring back this long extinct tradition, and fly the flag for the re-introduction of the Thanksgiving bench into the gardens of America. As you lay out your carefully measured boards and use your handheld sander to buff them to a satin smooth finish, you will be heartened by the knowledge that your actions are helping to reignite a vital part of our nation’s rich culture.

Giant Snowman

“A what?” you say, “you want me to craft a Merry Christmas? Seems a bit abstract to me!”

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you whip up the concept of a Merry Christmas on your power lathe (although if you are able to do this, more power to you! We love an ambitious project). Instead, we are simply pointing out that turning your Christmas preparations into a woodworking project is one of the most rewarding ways to spend the run up to the holidays.

Christmas decorations such as nativity scenes, lamps, angels and other festive ornaments really lend themselves to a wordworking project, and the beaming looks and impressed noises that come from your family when you unveil your handiwork will truly make it a Merry Christmas. So, you see, it is possible to construct a Merry Christmas from resistant materials after all!

Whatever project you decide to put your time, effort and skills into this winter, we wish you the best of luck. Don’t forget to get in touch and share some pictures of the finished articles with us, and don’t forget to add your own inspiring comments below!

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