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Whether you’re a Secret Santa busily planning for this year’s wicked & nice list or organizing and updating your workshop to meet customer demands. Browse Us Craft Company to provide hundreds of trusted power tools list – including an extensive power tools list and exclusive decorative items – you need for your woodworking projects and other creative pursuits.

As one of the country’s leading craft tools online stores, Us Craft Company has been supplying myriad craft tools supplies for dedicated crafters, builders, carpenters, consummate DIY-ers and all types of creative people and businesses.

Since we opened in 2000, our small family-owned business has served thousands of customers from all over the country. Today, we continue to supply shop craft tools for hundreds of workshops owned by private individuals and businesspersons.

The Best Power Tools List For Every Project
Us Craft Company’s mission is to fill the needs of every single craft shop by providing craftwork tools designed to fulfill all your project requirements. Whether you’re a carpenter, woodworker, sculptor, artist, hobbyist, DIY-er or a bona fide craft company, we’re sure to have all craft tools under the sun! Browse through our extensive selection of power tools, hand tools, wood sanders, crafting glues and finishing supplies!

Power Tools A must for every well-stocked workshop, power tools are used not only in crafting, carpentry, building and woodwork. They can also be used for various household tasks, such as cleaning and fixing broken appliances and other items.

For the best the best power tools list from leading brands at affordable
prices – name it and we’re sure to have it at Us Craft Company.

Woodworking Power Tools

Power Tools

All the best crafts supply for your next project. Display your tools in your garage workshop so weekend projects happen.


Woodworking Sanders


Choose Bosch, Jet, Dewalt, Makita, Porter Cable for your next sander. Find sandpapers and accessories at low prices.


Woodworking Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Ergonomic hand tools for serious weekend woodworkers. Select from the best handsaws, planes and tape measures.


Hand Tools
A craftsman’s workshop wouldn’t be complete without a selection of essential hand tools:

• Measuring Tools, Measuring Tapes, Long Tapes, Speed Squares, Levels and Rulers
• Cutting Tools: Saws, Utility Knives and Scissors
• Hammers: Woodworking Hammers, Rubber Mallets, etc.
• Drills: Corded and Cordless
• Screwdrivers
• Wrenches
• Pliers
• Chisels
• Rasps
• Files
• Wood Planes
• Sanding Blocks

Wood Sanders
Without the right sander for the job, how can you refine or add the finishing touches to your different woodworking projects? Remember, even an expertly assembled deck, bookshelf, flooring or furniture project won’t look as beautiful without the help of sanders.

Complete your project by choosing the best sander for the job at the Us Craft Company Power Tools List “Sanders” page. Choose from our collection of belt sanders, orbital sanders, random-orbit sanders and high-quality sandpaper sheets.

Crafting Glues
Have you ever witnessed a perfectly beautiful project breaking apart before your very eyes? At Us Craft Company, we never want you to go through the heartache of losing valuable time, money and effort over an improperly glued project. There are different types of glue designed to ensure optimum adhesion for certain materials and projects. Here, you’re sure to find your perfect “glue-mate” from our wide array of glue offerings: epoxy, carpenter’s glue, polyurethane glue, white glue and hot glue.

Finishing Supplies
• Wood Stains
• Wood Finishes
• Wood Paints
• Wood Fillers
• Wood Putty
• Stain Removers
• Thinner
• Varnish
• Brushes
• Foam Rollers
• Primers
• Tack Cloths
• Masking Tape and Many More!

Get the power tools list you require for various tasks, including drilling, cutting, shaping,
sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting and more at Us Craft Company!

At Us Craft Company Power Tools List, we have
all sorts of essential workshop tools on your list

• Table, Tile, Tracks, Scroll, Band Saws, Etc.
• Levels
• Sanders
• Glue Guns
• Router Mounts
• Blowers
• Trimmers
• Wood Lathes
• Framing Nailers
• Screwdrivers
• Air Compressors
• Mortising Machines
• Grinders
• Joiner, Tool and Combo Kits
• Batteries and Chargers
• Breakers
• Generators
• Woodworking Stands
• Vacuum Cleaners