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The Best Professional Power Tools & Power Tools for Home Use at Us Craft Company

Need Power Tools For Your Carpentry Project?
Whether you’re a newbie looking for the best crafting power tools to buy or already experienced in working with power tools and planning to expand your collection, you’re sure to find everything you need at the best power tools store online: Us Craft Company.

All The Tools You Need
At Us Craft Company, we have all types of regular crafting power tools tools to make crafting, woodwork, and carpentry so much easier for you. These include:

Table, Tile, Tracks, Scroll, Band Saws, Etc
Mainly used for cutting or slicing through different types of materials

Come in handy for framing new floors or ceilings, or to square off old ceilings. You can also use these for lining up fence posts or concrete piers, etc.

Used for smoothing or finishing surfaces, especially wood

You might be wondering if you need so many things for your home or professional workshop. And our short answer is yes. We also offer joiner, tool and combo kits, batteries and chargers, breakers, generators, woodworking stands, vacuum cleaners and other items you need for your workshop. Each power tool is designed to perform a specific function or set of functions accurately and safely, so you can achieve a certain effect or outcome for your project. Then again, you’re always free to choose which tools you need right now.

Glue Guns
For dispensing hot melt glue or adhesive

Router Mounts
Works to hollow out wood and even plastic

For cleaning dust and other particles

These are the mini version of a wood router and are ideal for edging work.

Wood Lathes
Essential for shaping wood

Framing Nailers
Used in sheathing, wood siding, fence building, and other large woodworking projects

For installing and removing screws

Air Compressors
Used to power up pneumatic tools such as nail guns and jackhammers

Mortising Machines
Used for cutting square or rectangular holes in a piece of wood

For cutting, grinding, and polishing both metallic and non-metallic objects

The Best Power Tools at Us Craft Company
Buying everything on this list might seem impractical, but once you have your own collection of crafting power tools, you will know how handy each one can be. In the end, you’d be saving yourself time, money and effort.

Of course, this list doesn’t include everything we have, so feel free to browse through our
extensive collection of power tools at the Us Craft Company supply shop online.

Bosch 18 Volt Blue Cordless Jig Saw

Bosch Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Lightweight and compact the Cordless Bosch Jig Saws tool-less blade change system and light makes it a workshop must.

BUY $149

Makita Cordless Kit

1/2” compact design driver drill with 2 speeds. Variable speed impact driver, circular saw and recipro saw.

BUY $419

DeWalt 20V Jig Saw

This Jig Saw excepts T-shank blades and arrives with a comfort grip. Easy blade changes with 0 – 45 degree angled cuts.

BUY $296

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