4 Foot LED Shop Light

4 Foot LED Shop Light

4 Foot LED Shop Light

Thanks to its 50,000 hour rating, our 2100-Lumen 4′ LED Shop Light will last and last without requiring any annoying, expensive bulb changes. 50,000 hours means you could leave the light on eight hours a day for more than 17 years. Emits bright white light—ideal for your shop, garage, basement, laundry room, rec room or storage space. No annoying hum, it works in cold weather, and illuminates with full-brightness the instant you turn it on.

• Uses only 21 watts, yet puts out 2100 lumens of bright, white light

• Works in cold weather

• Quiet operation—no annoying hum or buzz

• No lag time—provides full brightness instantaneously

• Built-in electronic drivers

• Rated for 50,000 hours of use

• Sturdy one-piece aluminum housing with white reflective interior

• Hanging hardware and on/off pull chain switch included

• No radiated heat

• Contains no mercury

• For indoor use only


  1. 2100-Lumen 4′ LED Shop Light

• Lumens: 2100

• Wattage: 21W

• CCT: 5000K

• Length: 4′

• LED Life: 50,000 hours

• Power Cord: 5′ 3-prong

• Switch: Pull chain

• 5 year warranty

• Manufacturer Part Number: 8121E2-WH5

• Weight (lbs): 2.5000

Price $ 39

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