Create Wire Tree Sculpture

Create Wire Tree Sculpture E-book

Create Wire Tree Sculpture
Beaded, Wind Swepts, Willows & Oaks

This book offers a complete, fully illustrated instructions showing how to create wire tree sculpture and beaded tree sculptures. Written and illustrated by Sal Villano, this 76 page easy to read instruction book guides you step-by-step from the beginning stages through completion. Within the book are listed all the material and tools needed. After completing the simple techniques, you will be able to create 5 very different types of trees; Wind Swept, Weeping Willow, Beaded, Oak and Bonsai with Leaves trees. You can then use the basic techniques to create larger and different wire trees. “I have sold thousands of my books, and I’m very happy to say I have received many very nice reviews and comments.” These are the 5 basic wire trees you will learn to create: Beaded, Wind Swept, Bonsai with Leaves, Willow and Oak.

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