63 Inch Black Cross Bed Truck Tool Box

Buy 63 Inch Black Cross Bed Truck Tool Box

63 Inch Black Cross Bed Truck Tool Box

The 63 inch black cross bed truck tool box is a mid size aluminum cross bed truck tool box. This box is made of 0.060 aluminum rust resistance material. Available in bright diamond. Fits most mid size trucks such as Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier, Chevy S-10, Colorado, Mazda, GMC S-15 and Toyota Tacoma. Allows storage under the box. Paints are electro-statically applied to maximize resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Ethafoam mounting strips protect truck’s finish. Heavy-duty double latch paddle handle to secure your valuables. Heavy-duty gas shocks to hold lid up. Removable tray included with mounting hardware.

The History Of Truck Boxes

Plastic or other material workboxes, chest, toolkit. A truckers metal toolbox up against his back window is a wonderful place to store things. Truck boxes are great traveling and you so happen to need exactly that amount of space. They all arrived with premium locks and keys for storing precious items. It is also great for the beach when camping out at Smith’s Point on Long Island. If you are a professional scuba diver it has the exact amount of storage space for your accessories. Dirt bike and quad ate off-road bikes have these to safely store expensive items for the day. Drummers often store bass drum peddles, sticks, wires, and microphones in there’s. Most importantly the craftsman that woodwork like Bob in Glen Cove.

63 Inch Black Cross Bed Truck Tool Box

They have these pick-up trucks with levels and all sorts of gear that they treasure like their profession. There are several types of truck boxes to choose from. There is the flush mount design, cross bed, 101 gallon transfer tank, aluminum low side truck box, pack rat drawer unit, and the chrome full-size deep saddle truck box. Carpenters trucks display these universal truck boxes making the appearance of your truck better and storage easier. A wonderful design idea for these truck box makers is the fish box idea where the entire back of the truck opens and retracts.


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