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Us Craft Company welcomes your crafts, hobby or woodworking business into our Texas Craft Companies’ listings directory. We started in the 1980’s bringing newly-constructed crafts to the historic pond area in Miller Place. This was the location of Mount Sinai Congregational Churches Pastor Ron Patternson’s white house.

A short time after those craft fairs, I began working for our neighbor folding and shipping woodworking project patterns – LED/WRCN. Since my focus was creative design, this company has all you could ever want creating unique products. We are pleased to mention that our database of crafting tools will be back up later this year.

Our plan is to have a storefront within the space that www.belliondesign.com and www.americandrinkspecials.com works out of in Waxhaw, NC. My father, mother and sister are all fine crafters. My quiet German wife Susan is my business partner in this company, but she does not know it yet. The collection of weekend constructed products to barbecue and beer will consist of fine adirondack chairs. love seats, and decorative items. We all look forward to crafting an exclusive line of “Us Craft” products for sale world-wide one day soon.

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Once again, we invite you to link up to our listings while enjoying a quick tour of the US. We welcome all areas of crafting and woodworking into our ever-evolving directory. Our state-by-state craft company listings have been extensively explored and carefully created with a broad range of artisans and related skills in mind. These include: architects, builders, carpenters, crafters, contractors, electricians, masons, painters, and sculptors.

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