Log Cabin Wood Birdhouse

$15.00 Including Sales Tax

The maple stein color Log Cabin Wood Birdhouse is not only a great bird friendly dwelling, but also a platform for entertaining. The front patio of the Log Cabin Wood Birdhouse is spacious for bird landings to an open door to reflect the moon light onto the floor at night. The windows let moonlight in furthermore. You could hang this Log Cabin Wood Birdhouse in a tree or just have it horizontal and motionless on the patio for our feathered friends to call home during nesting season. The construction is very durable and its exterior is UV coated for protection from the rain and suns rays. Spread the cheer with this wonderful Log Cabin Wood Birdhouse gift for our talking and care feathered friends. Dimensions: 10″ x 5″ x 4″. 10 In Stock