Half Inch Zebrawood

Half Inch Zebrawood

The distinctive striped appearance of Half Inch Zebrawood is a favorite for decorative inlays and veneers. The color ranges from golden-yellow to a peanut butter tone with chocolate veins running through it. The wood is hard, dense and extremely tough. These thin Half Inch Zebrawood boards are machined to 1/8″ and 1/4″, preventing wear on your planer.

These Thin boards are ideal for edging, veneering, inlay, marquetry, and sides for decorative boxes. Half Inch Zebrawood comes from central Africa and Brazil forests. Zebrawood can also be a pale brown in varying widths.

Zebrawood is a heavy, hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture, often with an interlocked or wavy grain. The interlocked grain of this wood, like that of many tropical woods, can make it difficult to work. Zebrawood has the look of the African animal called the Zebra with it’s striped grain patterns. Excellent for cabinet makers and woodworkers .

Lumber Details
• Native to West Africa.

• Tree Data: 48″ to 60″ diameter trunk.

• Sapwood: Pale yellow.

• Heartwood: Light golden-yellow or pale yellow-brown, with narrow streaks
of dark brown to almost black, giving a striped appearance.

• Texture: Medium to coarse.

• Luster: High luster.

• Resin: Occasional resin pockets.

• Movement: Dimensionally stable. Retains its shape well after machining.

• Working characteristics: Responds well to hand and machine tools.
Planing is very difficult and often resulting in tearout.

• Polishing: Good polishing and finishing qualities.

• Strength: Compressive strength parallel to the grain is high. The wood is hard,
very heavy, and very dense. It is tough, with good impact resistance.

Price $ 14 – 24

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