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About Glenn Bellion

Glenn has always had giant shoes to fill with his family of bowlers and sailors from New York – Long Island. The Bellion family has it’s roots in the telephone business from Maine to Speonk and potatoe farmers in Sag Harbor off Montauk Highway. From 1950 Bethpage Machine Shops, 80’s Bethpage Grumman, Sag Harbor Whaling Museum, Teachers, Drummers, Manhattan Interior Design, New York City High-end Real Easte Remodeling, Down Town Commercial HVAC Engineers, Police Officers, NYC k9 Cops, Early 70’s Submariners, Ice-boaters, Long Island Electrical & Chemical Engineers, Newspaper Editor and the medical profession.

Glenn Bellion was born In Port Jefferson, New York on November 1st, 1977 on (All Saints’ Day) In a blizzard to a Irish nurse named Dolores (Cambria Heights – Queens, NY) and a German father heating and air conditioning high-rise engineer named Art (Bethpage, NY). Glenn was later named after his African American nurse at the hospital where he often returned to shortly after birth due to lack of quality tools and good music. Growing up the winters on Long Island meant crafting & projects in the basement for warmth, so with the light shining through the windows like Grand Central Station and the smell of freshly cut lumber, happily began his crafting and woodworking hobby. From a young age Glenn often went in late, or came home early from school just to explore the love of woodworking. From age ten Glenn worked with his neighbor Sal or Mr. V. in his Project Woodworking Plans workshop helping out all the way through college at Manhattan’s NY State FIT Packaging Design. With the combined efforts of Sal and his family’s mentoring and his love for the band Rush, Glenn took the longview approach.

Glenn grew up on the North Shore in a hamlet called Miller Place located seventy miles east of Manhattan on one of the most vigorous blocks ever, especially when it snowed and on Halloween. The Bell has connected with friends in Connecticut, New York, Charlotte and South Florida, and is still disappointed with the lack of block parties. Glenn has raced BMX against the worlds fastest riders and sculptured memorable backyard bmx dirt trails. US Craft Company began in 1990 on those same backyard BMX trails with the dream of the Internet approaching in mind. He spent summers helping masons out in the Hampton’s develop mega backyard projects for the elite. He worked as an Engineer in Rockefeller Center and Olympic Tower Commercial (NBA) & Condo (Roger Waters) overlooking St. Patricks Cathedral In Upper Manhattan. Glenn has run all over the North East and Florida in search of Design Work.