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The perfect solution for a small space where a counter top is needed, this folding workbench easily swings into the raised position, and heavy duty steel brackets lock into place for a 500 lb weight rating (when properly mounted into wall studs). When not being used, the brackets are simply released with fingertip pressure, and the top can be lowered against the wall to regain your space. Choose between a UV finished top that is ready to use, or the unfinished version which can be stained or lacquered to match any decor.
EASY UP, EASY DOWN Folds down to the wall using a simple fingertip release mechanism
HEAVY DUTY DESIGN Mounted with powder coated steel brackets and a 500 lb rating
BEAUTIFUL HARDWOOD This 1.18 ” Butcher Block comes with a UV coat and is ready to use
VERSATILE DESIGN Ideal for a workbench or table, laundry/ folding station, extra seating, and more

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