Cabinet Pro Shelf Drilling Jig

Cabinet Pro Shelf Drilling Jig

Cabinet pro shelf drilling jig – Just lay the jig on your stock, tighten the two horizontal tracking knobs and start drilling error-free rows.

• Guarantees each row is perfectly in line

• Spaces each hole exactly 37mm from the edge of your stock

• Jig is easy to set up and easy to adjust for multiple rows

• 32mm spacing and 37mm setback are fully compatible with the Euro hinge system

• Drill two rows with one jig to save time and ensure accuracy

• Locking 3-star tracking knobs allow for adjustments and ensure the jig stays firmly in place

• Included indexing pins store conveniently in the ends of each guide rail when not in use

• Designed for un-assembled cabinet components from 8-1/4″W to 25-1/4″W

(1) Pro Shelf Drilling Jig

(2) 1/4” Indexing Pins

(2) 5mm Indexing Pins

(1) 1/4” Self-Centering Shelf Drilling Bit

  1. Pro Shelf Drilling Jig Case

• Brand: Rockler

• Weight (lbs): 5.5200

• Type: Shelving

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