Scrap wood is plentiful, and it is often allowed to decay and go into the trash. Don’t let excellent wood go to waste; instead, make something useful, attractive, and creative out of it. You can make stunning house items with a little ingenuity and spare time. These amazing project ideas made out of wood can help you clean out your workshop of recycled or waste wood and transform it into beautiful and practical items.

1. Roaring Bookshelf 

Display your books on a striking lion-shaped wooden shelf to add a touch of the jungle to your decor. This one’s amount of detail is insane, but it’s also useful and has many distinct compartments that you might easily misplace your keys forever. This kind of woodworking project combines high-quality planning and engineering with superb workmanship. This isn’t a bookshelf you can build in a day, and you can guarantee it’ll need the skills of an experienced carpenter —a hammer and a few nails won’t suffice. But it’s worth it!

2. A Wooden Cabinet With A Twist

To be honest, this tiny wooden cabinet seems more like a miniature fairy tale woodland mythical creature than a drawer, but the best thing is that it’s functional and spacious owing to broad drawers and a good smooth top. The natural aspect of it, thanks to the varnishing and sculpted trunk-shaped sides, stands out the most.

3. Round Mirror Made Of Wood

The design of this ultra-awesome mirror frame isn’t about difficult woodworking methods but more about the imaginative approach it takes: the frame is made out of small wooden cross-sectional pieces that are all aligned in a perfect circle. Sometimes, simplicity is the best option!

The nicest aspect of the design is how simple it is to copy —even a novice carpenter can do it. In fact, you may have some little, stray branches and bits lying around that you could organize in a similar fashion.

4. Phone Stand

This is absolutely the prettiest thing ever, but it’s not just a lovely decoration; it’s also a really useful phone supporter. This little wooden phone holder has a strong bottom and a good gap that allows you to securely hold your iPhone. Imagine not having to look for your phone for hours since it’s right there, sitting on that wonderful wooden stud.

5. Coffee Table

This is the kind of table that makes you question whether the carpenter used leftover wood or just ran out of options. At the same time, it’s really practical since the table’s face is covered, so you won’t have to worry about a cup dropping through the table.

Though it has a unique appearance, it is surprisingly humble and fits into any living area!

6. Wooden Lamps

The finest example of a woodworking job gone properly is this one, which has excellent geometry, superb engineering, and overall excellent carving work. The heart-shaped carving, together with the soft light on the real wood, creates a pleasant romantic atmosphere. These lights are really fantastic!

7. Knight Knife Board

It’s so much fun to see a little knight with a shield full of blades! Simultaneously, it is among the most useful and practical project ideas on our list since wood is durable, and the wooden knife stand may easily survive for years in your kitchen!