3 Piece Pen Turning Tool

3 Piece Pen Turning Tool

At only 9-1/2″ long, this 3 Piece Pen Turning Tool is the perfect size for turning pens and other small items. Carbide cutters can be easily rotated to expose a fresh edge. The set includes one high speed steel 1/8″ parting tool, and two tools with replaceable carbide cutters.  A 1/2″ round cutter and a 1/2″ square cutter with a 2″ radius that produces an exceptionally smooth finish. Handles are solid ash encased in molded rubber for excellent ergonomics and a sure grip.

(1) 1/2″ Round 3 Piece Pen Turning Tool

(1) 1/2″ Square (with 2″ Radius) Carbide Pen Turning Tool

(1) High Speed Steel 1/8″ Pen Parting Tool

(1) Wrench

  1. Case

Tech Details
• Total overall length of Pen Turning Tools is approximately 9-1/2″.

• Ash handles are 6-1/2″ long from the butt of the handle to the top of the ferrule.

• Length of the shaft is approximately 3″.

• Round cutter head is used for roughing out the blank and general turning.

• The radius square cutter is ideal for smooth finishing cuts, where it’s slight radius helps reduce the risk of gouging.

• Use the 1/8″ parting tool for parting off, and for creating grooves.

• Carbide cutters are not interchangeable between the different tools.

• When replacing the carbide insert for the Radius Square Cutter, use SR1 (#47377, sold separately) only.
This tool will not accept a standard square cutter.

• Brand: Rockler

• Weight (lbs): 1.5000

• Tool Type: Carbide