12 Piece Chisel DVD Set

12 Piece Chisel DVD Set

The included booklet and 12 Piece Chisel DVD Set from Davies will get you started. If you’re already an accomplished carver, you’ll appreciate the way the spring alloy steel holds a sharp edge and resists corrosion. The handles are solid beech wood in a comfortably contoured shape, and are full-length. A substantial tang secures the chisel blade into the handle, and is locked in place by a ferrule that helps prevent splitting.

(8) Gouges (various sizes and sweeps)

(1) V-Tool

(1) U-Shaped Veining Tool

(1) Angled Chisel

(1) Straight Chisel

(1) Instructional DVD

(1) Instructional Booklet

  1. Storage Box

• Handle Length: Approximately 5”

• Handle Material: Solid beech

• Blade Material: Spring alloy steel

• Manufacturer Part Number: 77-001

• Weight (lbs): 3.2600

Price $ 139.99

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