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Achieve the Best Woodwork Finishes with Us Craft Company

At Us Craft Company, we know how it feels to be adding the finishing touches to a woodworking project. You’ve done the hard work of cutting, planning, scraping, sanding, sanding and more sanding. Now, it’s time to apply a few last touches so your woodwork project turns into a beautiful masterpiece. Producing a fine first-class wood finish, however, is an art that demands experience, commitment and the best staining and finishing supplies. If you want to achieve the best oil finish or are looking for fast-drying wood finish or specific woodworking stains, you’ve come to the right place.

Crafting Finishing Supply
Us Craft Company has a wide range of finishing supplies including traditional wood finishes to help you achieve the best finish for stained wood or plain wood. Check out our supply list below:

Wood Stains
Used to add a touch of color to wood while keeping the grains visible.

Wood Finishes
Different crafting finishing supply projects can present unique finishing challenges, so there are many types of finishes to choose from such as finishing oil, wipe-on/wipe-off finishes, film-building finishes, shellac and spray-on finishes.

Wood Paint
Allows for wood to attain a consistent look through the application of an even layer across the wood surface, thereby hiding blemishes and eliminating the need to sand the wood using different grades of sandpaper.

Wood Filler
Applied to projects that require thicker layers; used for patching or filling holes and cracks and for smoothing wood grain.

Wood Putty
Wood putty does not harden like wood filler and is used to fill remaining blemishes, nail or brad holes and tiny joint mismatches, and fix other minor flaws.

Stain Remover
Works for cleaning wood and removing any gray discoloration on worn-out woods.

Used for wiping wood stains and for thinning interior/exterior oil-based varnishes and paints.

A clear or transparent hard protective film or finish used to seal wood finishes so the distinctive grains and tones of the wood remain visible. Comes in glossy, satin or semi-gloss sheens.

There are different kinds of brushes intended for various finishing jobs. These include varnish brushes, paint brushes, sash brushes, bristle brushes, and disposable brushes.

We also have foam rollers, primers, tack cloths, masking tape and other woodworking project supplies. We can also recommend the best wood finish for water resistance, the best finish for wood furniture or the most durable wood finish for your particular project.

So, whether your project involves kitchen cabinetry, making a wooden swing set, coffee table or a wooden mobile stand,
wood carving, or anything else, you can depend on Us Craft Company to supply your requirements.

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Mini Polishing Buffer

SPTA wood polishing buffer for waxing, polishing and sealing glazes. 
Adhesive backed colored softnesses sponges.

Coconut Wood Wax

Hydrating coconut oil penetrates deep into the wood while protecting the surface keeping wood healthier longer.

Wax & Cutting Board Oil

Scented cutting board oil drills deep into the wood grain while Clark’s Wax creates a protective barrier on the surface.