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One of the easiest to use, best value chucks on the market. The Barracuda2 is an easy to use, high-performance, full accessorized key operated self centering four-jaw lathe chuck system. You only need one hand to use this lathe chuck as the “T” handle jaw tightening key enables you to to tighten the jaws with only one hand while your other hand is free to support your work.Comes with a wide variety of accessories (including 4 sets of jaws), and will mount any project onto your lathe. Ideal for bowls, spindles, small projects and much more. Fits all “C” series accessories, a 3.5″ diameter, 1″ x 8tpi, weight is just 4.0 lbs., and comes with its own case. Includes; #1 jaws, #2 jaws, #3 jaws, 1″ pin jaws, a Screw Chuck Adapter, 3/4″ x 16tpi spindle adapter, “T” handled Jaw tightening key, “T” handled Allen wrench, and a carrying case.
Includes: (1) Barracuda2 chuck body, (4) self-centering jaw sets, (1) woodworm screw chuck, (1) spindle adapter, (1) gear key, (1) Allen wrench, (8) screws, (1) storage case
Barracuda2 chuck body is 3. 5″ Diameter and weighs 2.60 lbs. ; pre-threaded to 1″ X 8TPI and includes 3/4″ X 16TPI spindle adapter
#1 step jaws: 3/32″ To 1-3/8″ & 11/16″ To 2-3/8″; #2 round jaws: 7/8″ To 1-1/2″ &1-1/4″ To 2″; #3 wide bowl jaws: 3-1/16″ To 4-3/8″; pin jaws: 1″ To 2-1/4″
With the variety of included jaws, The CSC3000C will mount most turning projects onto your Lathe; including bowls, spindles, pens, other small turning projects, and much more
This is a C-Series Chuck; Compatible with all additional C-Series Jaws and accessories: 7-3/4″ Jumbo Flat Jaws (CJAWFJ2), 5″ Small Flat Jaws (CJAWFJ1), Set of 2 Alligator Jaws (LCALJAWS), Pen Blank Drilling Jaws (CJAWPEN), 8-1/4″ Super Finishing Jaws (CJAWXL), and more!

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